The Safety Net

Titel: The Safety Net
Serie: Commissaris Montalbano #25
Uitgavedatum: March 17th 2020
Uitgever: Penguin Books
Pagina's: 272
ISBN13: 9780143134961

The new novel in the transporting New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano mystery series

Vigàta is bustling as the new filming location for a Swedish television series set in 1950. In the production frenzy, the director asks the locals to track down movies and vintage photos to faithfully recreate the air of Vigata in that time. Engineer Ernesto Sabatello, while rummaging in the attic of his house, finds some films shot by his father from 1958 to 1963, always on the same day, March 27 and always the same shot; the outside wall of a country house. Montalbano hears the story, and intrigued by the mystery of it, begins to investigate its meaning. Meanwhile, a middle school is threatened by a group of armed men, and a closer look at the situation finds Montalbano looking into the students themselves and finally delving into the world of social media.

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