The Age of Doubt

Titel: The Age of Doubt
Serie: Commissaris Montalbano #14
Uitgavedatum: May 29th 2012
Uitgever: Penguin Books
Pagina's: 288
ISBN13: 9780143120926

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Potter's Field, winner of the Crime Writers' Association's International Dagger Award and longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Prize

With their dark sophistication and dry humor, Andrea Camilleri's hugely popular Sicilian crime novels continue to win more and more fans in America. The day after a storm, Inspector Montalbano encounters a strange woman who expresses interest in a certain yacht scheduled to dock that afternoon. Not long after she's gone, the yacht's crew reports finding a disfigured corpse. Also at anchor is a luxury vessel with a somewhat shady crew. Both boats will have to stay in Vigàta until the investigation is over and, based on information from the woman, Montalbano begins to think the occupants of the yacht might know more about the man's death than they're letting on.

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